Potable DJ Mixer - GODJ Plus
Comming soon

Portable: GODJ Plus fits in your backpack. Smaller than a notebook!
All-in-One : No laptop, no smartphone required. You're good to GO DJing!
Record and Share: Record your GODJ mix live. Share the mix with others!
Preminum Quality Effector: Phaser, flanger, delay, VCF, bitcrusher... You name it!
Built-in Speakers : Top-of-the-line speakers are now built-in. You're ready to party!
2 Decks: 2 touch screens and 2 sets of controllers. A true 2 deck system!
Sampler + Sequencer:Add spices with your own samples. Don't forget the extra fun with the step sequencer!
Auto-DJ:Every DJ needs a break. GODJ takes place and plays the entire playlist in sync while you're away!
Motion Loop: Create fills on your fingertips live!

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